Born in London, England in 1975, father of 2 boys

Qualified in business accountancy but soon decided to follow a career in the automotive industry concentrating on the preparation and maintenance of European competition cars.  Obtaining a Btec national diploma level 3 in automotive engineering whilst owning a successful automotive maintenance business and competition vehicle preparation company from 1996 to the present day.

Also competes in motorsport himself at a high level dating back from the age of 7 when he won his class in the British downhill racing club in a vehicle made by his father and himself, from then he competed on national kart circuits in a privately owned 100cc ZipKart, upon reaching the age to drive on the public roads James built his first rally car, a 1963 Hillman Imp achieving his first outright win in the 2001 British historic rally championship.  Over the next few years James achieved great success within the British historic rally scene James then went on to build a number of successful modern competition cars and obtained a number of victories under the MG/Rover marque which led on to him building similar vehicles for various British and Irish rally championships.

Due to his success in these particular fields James was offered the opportunity to work for a number of prestigious long distance driving organisations such as the ERA (Endurance Rally Association), HERO and RTG (Rally the Globe) in a mechanical and technical role, to date James has worked on countless vintage race and rally cars including pre war race cars some of which are LeMans winning race cars.

James has developed a skill in a wide range of maintenance, preparation and alternative repairs in sometimes remote and austere conditions including high altitude, desert conditions including many third world environments.  James has worked in Asia (Myanmar, India, Nepal, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Mongolia) Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia) North and South America including Canada, Russia and Europe including all of the Baltic countries.

     With the experience James has achieved over the years he has decided to extend his business and open a branch within the USA to be able to provide a high standard of classic vehicle preparation and maintenance for those that wish to use their classic cars for various aspects of fun from competition to occasional use.

James has a high standard of knowledge of preparation, maintenance and alterations including modifications to all types of vehicles including the American classic vehicles as well as European and British classic cars.



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1935 MGPB 'Q'


Built from a single seater pre war racing car, for competing in European races and rallies.


1973 Mk1 Escort RS


Probably the toughest vehicle on the international endurance rally scene, built to customers specification for round Africa events.


1959 Morris 1000 (1275)

2017, 2018

Built for the toughest round the world rallying, used by the BBC and now being re prepared for the Peking to Paris motor challenge. See blog for updates


1973 BL Mini 1275


A real desert special, has endured the Sahara, Gobi and the High Steppes of Outer Mongolia


1964 Mk2 Jaguar


Previously built for an event in South America then rebuilt for the roads of Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland.


2003 MGZRs


Boasting numerous class wins including Manx internationals and Tour of Mulls