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A testing day - June 03, 2019

Due to the time schedule Julian and I had a reasonable lay in and didn’t have to leave until 9.04 so a leisurely breakfast was had and a traffic ridden drive out of the city to the only test of the day. A grassy, bumpy field test showed to Morris at its pace, up there just behind the Porsches and Datsun, very pleased with its performance with half the engine size and 20 years older.

The Morris then rattled all the way up through northern China, avoiding numerous speed bumps and potholes towards the dinosaur capital of China into Erenhot, the border town before Mongolia. The repairs last night seemed to be working so happy with the cars performance, Julian and I are getting on very well and I now realize how happy I am to be sitting next to him (even though Julian’s oldest and favorite game is sex!)

Nothing to film here!

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