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Finally Get Scrutinized - June 01, 2019

About 30 seconds after 9am the Morris was cleared for duty and parked in its allocated space ready to undergo rigorous checks in anticipation for tomorrow’s off, wheels off, back on, suspension adjusted, levels checked, tyres checked and a quick wipe down, I think we are ready!

Looking better than 60 years ago!

A bit of an admin day for Julian, marking time cards, road books, washing his pants and generally being way more organized than myself, all this interluded with lunch and being excited by the prospect of a special ice tea that Owen recommended, not impressed! I have drunk some terrible drinks in my time and this mouldy swimming pool water I was served may even top the scale! I haven’t had a Coca Cola in years but that was the only thing to dilute the neat chlorine I have just allowed to enter my body..

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