• James Turner

Long and many flights

It’s a long way to Kenya! was deposited on time despite the snow at Denver international for my 4 hour flight to New York’s JFK where possibly the scariest hotel I’ve ever been to awaited! Having disembarked, found my shuttle Bus and left to fend for myself in Hell’s Kitchen, I thought I was staying in Queens! Loads of drugs being fake , homeless people using the car park for some sort of rancid orgy in a beaten up old Honda (I think this is fondly known as a ‘soup kitchen?’)

I decided I wouldn’t venture away from the security and safety of my triple locked hotel room and order something described as food to be delivered to the room. a reasonable night sleep did follow and thankfully the food caused me no long term concern.

emirates awaited and I made myself comfortable for

leg 2 to Dubai, a 12.5 hour flight in good comfort, lots of whisky (spelt without an e to distinguish between American and Scottish branding), a couple of hours in the Dubai airport and leg three was a much shorter version of leg 2 with roughly the same amount of whisky consumed! I was met at the airport by 2 different Jamie signs, an argument ensued as to whom I would go with, I decided that the larger of the Kenyan reps would be the sensible choice as if there was a problem I could probably outrun him if need be. once settled in it was time for a swim, a snooze and the first of many G&Ts over the next few weeks.

It’s starting to get cold as I wait for the team to arrive, I’m tracking their progress and look forward to a quick catch up before leg 4 commences in the morning!

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